A list of stuff I’ll be adding to as of when new problems with the site arrive. If anyone has any specific problems or questions, please email a.clegg0220171@arts.ac.uk or h.atkinson0220171@arts.ac.uk.


Please make sure that when you are building your artist page, any changes you make to site alignment, text alignment, padding etc. are made within the content tab of the right-hand side menu, as opposed to the design tab (see below). There is a Design section within the content tab where you can make these changes specific to the page, but any changes made within the design tab are global and so will affect the home page and other people’s artist pages.


Following on from the previous point, in order to keep continuity within sites, Cargo only allows for 4 different typefaces to be allocated site-wide. For this site, these are as follows:

Bodycopy (Alegreya Bold Italic)

H1 (Neue Haas Grotesk Regular)

H2(Plex mono Semi-Bold Italic)

Small (Helvetica Neue Regular)

Whilst the colour, link colour, font size and line height can be changed page by page using this menu within the content tab of the page’s menu (see below), please do not change any of these fonts themselves, as the change is site-wide and will affect the home page etc.

If you’d like to use a different font for your own artist page, please use a text box. Within this text box, any font, size, colour and opacity can be selected without affecting anything else. The image below shows how to access:

Update 21/07/2020 - Stacking

If you wish to stack multiple pages within your artist page so that they form a rolling scroll, please make yourself a set (under the + icon in the bottom left hand corner of  the main content menu, select ‘New Set’) and rename it to your full name. Then drag all your artist pages into this header bar, and they will form a new section. Under this header (not the main ‘Artist Page’ header), select ‘set’ and your artist pages will be stacked.

Also, please don’t change the location of the home page! Cheers !

Below are a few general useful links for setting up basic website functions using Cargo:

Linking pages:

Setting up image galleries:

Stacking multiple pages into a continuous feed:

Embedding media content:

General support index: