Jonah Fried

Artist Statement

My practice revolves around mark-making through the dichotomy of unique and mass production. I explore this by blurring the line between the two by using mixed media and digital printing. The particularity of each new iteration attempts to renew the delicate union between repetition and uniqueness. My practice could be visualised as a production line where at each stage of process the work is disturbed by randomised painterly moments. I explore this hinterland through strident artificial colours, gestural expressions of the unconscious mind through movement, colour and digital printing. I view my work much like parents do their children, each work is birthed and told it is unique, the antithesis to a Sol LeWitt artwork. We know our children are one of billions that have come before but convince ourselves that this one is special.

My upbringing in a rural farming setting in Scotland, highlights the striking difference of that from living in London. The two settings remind me of how insignificant yet unique one can be. I am also interested in exploring fluctuating conditions of ownership in the production and siting of my works, in both private and public settings.  I view my work as intrinsically political and social, the visual relationship of the ‘individual’ versus the ‘collective’ is integral to our self-questioning both in life and online.