Kate Gardiner


                        We live in two worlds, the first we call the real world, its physical and soild.
                        Its walking out your door in the morning, it’s the objects you surround yourself
                        with, the clothes you wear, the words you say to your friends, the texts you send.

                        The second is ethereal like smoke floating on a breeze. It many takes many forms,
                         it’s in our memories, it’s the time we spend alone, it’s in our browser history,
                        the secrets we keep, the fantasies we escape too, it’s in the natural and digital
                        world alike.

What does it feel like to travel between the two?

We do it every day...

Do you remember that feeling?


Based in London and exeter much of my practice surrounds ideas of digital and the natural, using one to explore the other. Creating immersive digital landscapes within my work from the natural world around us. My work takes inspiration from fantasy and Sci-Fi.  I aim to blur the distinction between the natural and the digital within a world of my own making that can only be entered through your screen.