Vertigo stairwell residency

[1 week residency]


No. 1

Billy Leach – composer, student, friend and frequent collaborator – was invited to be the first resident of the B Block stairwell. He came in for a week to use it as an instrument, boxing it, tangling with the beams, testing the tensile resistance of his body and the space he was scaling. He didn’t put on a viewing.

No. 2

For its second iteration, Jesse Nicholls – my brother and Stage 1 BA Fine Art student – spent a week listening to the space, ascending it. He taped pre-made beats, field recordings, live vocal noises and GameBoy stems on to a cassette, varying the quality and speed of the recording by pausing, forwarding and slowing the tape. A 90 minute tape was played on a Friday for about 15 people.

Both were given 50 small business cards to promote a performance at the end of their residency.

Will Nicholls, Chelsea BAFA 2020