victoria pullen

multimedia fine artist and writer engaging with subcultural mythologies … fanlore … transformative identification … finding the personal through the communal … nostalgia as the seed of innovation, if you can get around the hindering weight of it … meeting places after dark as the exalted site for experimentation … all these lives we try on have got to mean something and converge somewhere …

1. “VICTORIA” TO “VERLAINE”:  book preview
2. VERLAINE: prints

an artist's book confronting fantasised identities, modern myth-making, and the importance of subculture and nightlife as experimental sites to develop and project both individual and communal personas. influenced by the form and function of fanzines, it is intended to be printed as a folded booklet, and features original writing alongside a series of self-portraits, where i have taken on the character/alter ego of THE COWBOY/VERLAINE.

VERLAINE is the physical representation of crafting a conscious identity from fragments of the past; one that rejects the heralded white, straight, individualistic masculinity that the american cowboy has come to represent, and instead archives my encounters with music, fandom, and counterculture as a black-british, queer woman.

VERLAINE: prints

giclée prints on 12x12 inch hahnemühle fine art pearl paper, with optional white border, and signed.

available to order, with proceeds going towards the #saveourvenues initiative by Music Venue Trust, to support grassroots venues in the UK.